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Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses the most common questions asked regarding Supersuds Laundromat services.

If you have a question that is not addressed below, please contact us.

Our Unattended Service

It’s as convenient as letting us know your order is out and ready for pickup in our specially marked bags. Most customers find it easier to leave their order for the driver in a specified location rather then having to be there for the two deliveries, common of other services. Unattended orders are returned immediately upon completion, normally around 24 hours, unless there are alterations, Dry Cleaning, or re-cleanings needed due to stubborn stains.

Designating My Pickup/Drop-off Location

The most common areas clients designate for their service point: the downstairs lobby/entranceway, inside or outside their apartment door, with the concierge or super, or in a room/closet designated by management. When specifying a pickup/drop-off location during signup or with your driver, please make sure that the driver will be able to gain access to that location. Most of our clients entrust us with a key for the downstairs front door(s) so they can have service outside of their apartment door. Our encrypted key tag system ensures your anonymity and safety. If a key is needed or you would simply like to meet your driver, you can schedule an attended pickup for your 1st order. To inquire whether we have already established key access for your building, please call or send us a quick e-mail. With your permission the driver will put up a small, easily removable hook on which to place the returned dry cleaning order. If preferred we will contact you after delivery of your order to alert you of its presence. Please choose wisely in selecting your location. Unlike direct person-to-person services, we can not guarantee that your location is 100% secure (unless you have chosen an in-home delivery service point).

How Do I Arrange for Pick Ups?

Please call 781-219-3469 or submit an order via the online ordering page. You can place a same day pickup request by 11:00AM online or by phone and you can place your garments out as late as 6:00PM.

Preparing Your First Order For Pickup

Separation of lights, whites, plain whites, and darks is included in the wash-dry-fold side of the service but we do ask you to please have the wash-dry-fold portion separate from your special care garments (dry cleaning, button down shirts, hand wash, hang dry, and tailoring). Please make sure all temporary disposable bags have your name, ID#, service needed, special instructions not yet noted, and “Supersuds Laundromat” attached securely on the outside of each bag. Your temporary bags will be replaced with complimentary heavy duty nylon Supersuds Laundromat bags for convenient separation of future orders. The nylon bags are free for you to keep if or when you decide to no longer use our services.

Do You Handle Commercial Accounts?
Yes we do. Commercial services are normally performed between the hours of 5:00PM and 8:00PM, Monday through Sunday. To inquire about or establish a commercial account please call or fill out the online form. A member of our office staff is always available during normal business hours to visit with your business to make an assessment of your cleaning and delivery needs.
What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

Supersuds Laundromat is open 7 days a week Monday-Friday 8:00AM-9:00PM and Saturday-Sunday 5:30AM-9:00PM, OPEN 24 hours for members. Pick ups and drop offs are done Monday through Friday and drivers are normally on routes from 4:00PM-9:00PM. Phone support is available during the same hours.

Specially Marked and Tagged Bags

Supersuds Laundromat will provide you with multiple large heavy duty bags to easily separate the wash-dry-fold portion of your order from the special care garments (dry cleaning, button down shirts, hand wash, hang dry, and tailoring). Bags are color coded with explanations of what should be placed in the bags. Your bags will also have personalized ID tags attached to them. The informative tags provide your account information, including cleaning and delivery preferences and are automatically updated when making changes or additions to your account. Tags contain a small useful pouch that drivers check at pickup for any special cleaning or delivery instructions, as well as for account changes.

What Should I Do With All Those Hangers?

After a while you may start to acquire an excess amount of hangers. You are welcome to give them to your driver or include them in a temporary disposable bag marked on the outside with “For Supersuds Laundromat”. We will have them properly recycled along with any excess paper or plastics that accumulate in our facilities.

What If My Garments Require Special Care?

Special care requests should be noted in the pouch of the Special Care bag tag only or attached to the garment in question and placed in your red special care bag. We always take the time to check garments in the red Special Care bag for cleaning instructions (e.g., hand wash only) and always spot check for stains. If you are aware of any existing stains, please mark them with the stain stickers provided. Please alert our staff to any allergies you have to any soaps or chemicals and we will happily accommodate your needs.

Restoration of Garments Following Smoke and/or Fire Damage

Personal garments and bed clothing can be cleaned and restored following exposure to smoke odor, mold spores, and fire. We provide extra special care in this case, attempting multiple cleanings at no extra charge. Soot will come out of most garments, including linen. Detailed invoices are available in a format that is acceptable for insurance purposes.

How Are My Garments Accounted For?

Our wash, dry, & fold service is accounted for by the pound, at time of pickup and after being folded for a double check of the weight. All special care garments are recorded by the piece and kind.

Guarantee Policy
We have the highest concern for the proper cleaning and transportation of your clothing. While in our care, we take responsibility for your garments up to 10x our charge for processing it. There are instances that we will refuse to clean an item either at pickup or after being spot-checked when reaching our facilities. The reason is that we feel the garment may have existing high levels of wear and tear or is simply too fragile to care for. We do this to minimize the chance for any mishap on our part. Before we pickup and after we drop-off we do not take responsibility for missing items/orders. Please choose an unattended service point that your are comfortable with.
Payment Options
Supersuds Laundromat prefers payment by cash, credit card (Visa & Master Card only), We do NOT accept Checks.
Delivery Minimum
In order for Supersuds Laundromat to provide convenient delivery of your laundry and dry cleaning, there is a 20lb min / $40.00 for each delivery order. Shared service points and other store locations/service centers do not require the delivery minimum.
Service Area
For business efficiency reasons, Supersuds Laundry presently serves only select neighborhoods in the greater Boston area, Metro west, North Shore, Arlington, Everett, Lynn, Lynnfield, Malden, Medford, Melrose, Reading, Revere, Saugus, Stoneham, Wakefield, If your area is not listed, please inform us of your location and we will contact you as soon as we are viably able to service you.
Other Charges

Our heavy duty bags are free, as many as you need. The only time we must charge for them is when a customer loses or misplaces them. Sometimes a customer will lose them between each use of service and we need to charge $8 or $10 each, depending on the size. We apologize for the charge but the bags get very expensive when we need to replace missing or lost bags.

From time to time a customer will forget to place out their garments that they have requested a pickup for. If there is a valid reason for the missed pickup that is ok but if not and in order to properly compensate our drivers we must insist on charging the minimum order amount of $40.00 if nobody is home and the pickup can’t be made. If the driver is able to make the pickup in person and must wait longer then ten minutes we will apply a $10 attended service charge onto the order. Again we apologize if these charges ever apply to your account. Thank you.

How Much is a Pound of Laundry?
10 Lbs. 15 Lbs. 20 Lbs.
2 pairs of jeans 3 pairs of jeans 4 pairs of jeans
1 button down shirt 1 pair of shorts 2 pair of shorts
5 t-shirts 2 button down shirts 2 button down shirts
1 sweater 5 t-shirts 1 flannel shirt
7 pairs of undergarments 2 sweaters 6 t-shirts
7 pairs of socks 9 pairs of undergarments 3 sweaters
1 towel 7 pairs of socks 9 pairs of undergarments
1 towel 8 pairs of socks
1 set of sheets 2 towels
1 set of sheets
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Pick-Up & Delivery is FREE

(minimum 20 lbs.)

Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Run Monday through Friday

Wash • Dry • Fold Service

$2.50 per Pound with a 48 Hour Turnaround Time

Dry Cleaning

Turnaround Time is 48-72 Hours
(excluding weekends)

Medford Location

199 Mystic Ave
Medford, MA 02155

Tel: 781.219.3469

Melrose Location

412 Main Street
Melrose, MA 02176

Tel: 781.662.5217

Billerica​ Location

500 Boston Rd.
Billerica, MA 01821

Tel: 978.663.2228